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pregnancy Chiropractor

Fortitude Chiropractic offers Pregnancy Chiropractic Management to the Scarborough community and surrounds. Pregnancy Chiropractors deal with women from trimester 1 all the way through to trimester 3. We offer a safe, gentle, non-invasive approach to help manage muscukoskeletal issues that your body goes through during pregnancy.  

Some studies suggest that 50% of all pregnant women experience back pain during their pregnancy, of the people who seek treatment, Chiropractic during pregnancy is the third most sought after treatment behind massage and yoga. 1

At Fortitude Chiropractic we use pregnancy pillows to allow you to lay on your stomach comfortably without harming yourself or your baby. While also modifying the treatment methods to a more gentle approach, including spinal mobilizations, soft tissue therapy, and exercises.

Pregnancy Chiropractor

What to expect during your pregnancy chiropractic appointment

As a Pregnancy patient the ultimate goal will be to get out of pain as quick as possible, we will then spend time helping you manage the symptoms through education and modifying your day to day activities. The structural adaptations during pregnancy may increase the amount of stress placed on your joints, muscles and tendons, by educating you on how to stand, sit and move better we can help relieve this increased stress. 

We also offer advice on exercises that can help sustain those changes in the early stages of pregnancy.

We are conveniently located on Scarborough Beach Rd, just a 4 minute drive from Scarborough Beach. Why not book in to see one of our Scarborough Sports Chiropractors today! We are now offering Chiropractic to the areas surrounding Doubleview, including Scarborough, Karrinyup, Stirling, and Innaloo.


1. Borggren, C. Pregnancy and chiropractic: a narrative review of the literature. 2007. J Chiropr Med.


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Fortitude Chiropractic also offers After Hours Chiropractic on Sundays and Public Holidays, prices may differ.