How many Chiropractic sessions do I need? There are various individual factors that determine your frequency of care.


Misconceptions about the need for ongoing chiropractic sessions often stem from outdated philosophies suggesting a life-long commitment to care. Attending your first visit will include a thorough assessment of your symptoms and its duration to determine how many chiropractic sessions you will need.

There are various factors determining the frequency of care, whether you are seeking pain relief, preventative strategies, or maintenance care, sessions can span from a single visit to uncommon instances of 20 visits.

Understanding your treatment needs

Your needs in terms of treatment frequency and duration will depend on the nature of your problem or condition as well as what you want to achieve out of treatment.

Patients seeking pain relief will have varied amounts of sessions depending on the factors like the type of injury, its duration and your experience with pain. Due to various factors, the number of sessions required can vary from 1-20. Patients will at times progress to more preventative measures to ensure this doesn’t continue to occur.

Patients seeking preventative strategies for injuries will be measured through functional tests (e.g. squats and push-ups). These tests allow practitioners to gain a better understanding about your pain, endurance, strength, and power. Once the relevant information is gained, they will have a better understanding on the likelihood of reoccurance. Frequency of sessions can vary, and will depend on things like your athletic involvement, sport requirements and your exercise routine.

If you are seeking maintenance care, we will work with you to find the treatment regime that keeps you out of pain and moving at your best. Each session is spread out across each fortnight or month for alleviation of pain and its frequency. We understand that some patients have chronic conditions or undergo a significant amount of physical stress through work or recreation and may benefit from regular maintenance care.


Here at Fortitude Chiropractic, we follow an evidence-based approach focused on musculoskeletal injuries. This includes low back and neck pain, shoulder pain and jaw pain. A thorough 45-minute initial assessment is performed on your first visit, involving same-day treatment if safe to do so. Follow-up treatment times vary from 15-30 minutes and includes:

  • Pain relief
  • Advice
  • Prevention management & rehab exercises
how many chiropractic sessions do I need ?

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