Dr Joshua Lazarus – Scarborough Chiropractor

B.Sc(Chiro), B.Chiro (Distinction)

Principal Chiropractor

Founder of Fortitude Health in Morley (Formerly Walter Road Chiropractic & Sports Injuries)

 Movement is medicine.

Dr Joshua Lazarus (Dr Josh) is one of our Scarborough Chiropractors, he is a family-oriented Chiropractor who has a special interest in looking after patients with acute and chronic pain, while educating them to adapt their musculoskeletal system to be able to handle more movements through strength

Dr Josh is extremely passionate about getting you pain free and beginning your journey to long term pain relief, as well as educating you about pain, movement deficiencies and load management.

 Enhancing sports performance.

Dr Josh uses a full-body approach to find out the cause of your problem, identifying why you’re in pain is of the utmost importance, he will break down sleeping styles, posture, and other habits that may be aggravating your issue. 

Family First.

During his time away from work Dr Josh enjoys spending time with his family and two french bulldogs. As well as going to the gym to work on his strength and endurance. 

When he’s not at work Dr Josh is also completing his Level 1 Strength & Conditioning , Precision Nutrition and Tendinopathy rehab course.

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Dr Joshua Lazarus



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