Bulk billed medical centres and clinics are common in Perth, but does Medicare cover chiropractic services? 

Does Medicare Cover Chiropractic Services?

“Does Medicare cover Chiropractic services?” This is a common question that we get from patients new to chiropractic who are unsure about how payment for chiropractic services works.

The answer is in some cases, yes. If you have been referred by your general practitioner under a specific Care Plan/Chronic Disease Management Plan then Medicare may cover chiropractic treatment.

What is a Care Plan/Chronic Disease Management Plan?

Team Care Arrangements or Chronic Disease Management Plans (formerly known as the Enhanced Primary Care Program or EPC’s) are a Medicare Program that allow GP’s to plan and coordinate treatment for patients with a chronic medical condition.

A chronic medical condition is something that has generally been present for three-six months or longer such as chronic back pain, neck pain or osteoarthritis.

Under the Chronic Disease Management scheme patients are able to receive up to five chiropractic treatment sessions covered by medicare each calendar year.

Am I eligible for a bulk billed Care Plan?

Whether or not you are eligible for a care plan is the up to the judgement of your GP  and whether or not they think chiropractic is a suitable treatment option for your condition. In order for Medicare to cover Chiropractic services, you need to be referred by your GP.  

If you have a chronic spine or other musculoskeletal condition and think you may be eligible for a care plan, we encourage you to discuss this with your GP further.

How Do I Claim Medicare Cover for Chiropractic Services?

We make claiming treatment under medicare under a chronic disease management plan easy and convenient

The same way that many of our patients claim their private health rebate, we will simply swipe your medicare card and your claim will be processed on the spot. This means there is no need to visit medicare and wait in a long line in order to claim back the cost of your appointment!

  1. Visit your GP to discuss your issue and whether you are eligible for a care plan
  2. Receive a referral including the care plan paperwork from your Doctor
  3. Book a Chiropractic appointment
  4. Bring the referral, paperwork and your Medicare Card to your appointment
  5. We will process your Medicare Claim at our clinic using our HICAPS facility

We also bulk bill all appointments under Chronic Disease Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements/Care Plans!

If you have already seen your GP and have a referral for Chiropractic under a care plan, call us on (08) 6184 8835 or Book Online today!